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Lightning sword mod

I made a simple mod that adds just one item to the game: A lightning sword! The sword summon lightning and hurts mobs within a four block. THE ULTIMATE WEAPON Do you not like those pigs Creepers Enderman Enderdragon Well now you can kill then easily with the LIGHTNINGSWORD not much. Mod. More swords! Minecraft Mod · More swords! playlist_add. 6 diamonds . [ ] The Meat Mod (STORAGE, FIREBALL/LIGHTNING WAND, FAST.

28 Jan Lightning Sword Right click on block to strike lightning. Sword Of Weather Right click Please note this mod was made with Mcreator. try it out!. 18 Mar Name: Lightning Swords Version: Date: 6/10/ Category: Weapons Requirements: Oblivion Patch Author(s): VictoriaG. 15 Jun Location; The Armour MKI and Sword; The Lightning Sword II and III) and the shocksword that I made for another mod that is still in progress.

Lightning Sword is an unique weapon used to deal damage to mobs and/or players. It is primarily obtainable from Slider's Labyrinth dungeons. It is the melee . 4 Oct The Elemental Swords Mod adds 9 new swords. Each sword got a unique power related to its element. One sword can cause a a tornado. 29 Mar Strangely, Zeus' Lightning sells for 1 Copper Coin, which is even less than the Copper Shortsword, the weapon you start with. This also means.


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